Ephemera guttulata: Green Drake Dec15


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Ephemera guttulata: Green Drake

Informatii Generale

ephemera guttulata

Regnul: Animal
Grupul: Arthropode
Clasa: Insecte
Ordinul: Ephemeroptera
Familia: Ephemeridae
Genul: Ephemera
Specia: Guttulata

Nume Comun:

  • Green Drake
  • Coffin Fly
  • Shad Fly
  • Eastern Green Drake
  • Shaddie
  • Gray Drake
  • Green May
  • Black & White Spinner
  • Black Drake
  • American Green Drake

Marime: 18 to 30mm

  • Current: Slow to Medium Current
  • se gaseste pe fundul apei in zone ce au atat nisip, namol cat si mixt, etc.


  • E. guttulataspends in aceasta etapa din ciclul vietii ei sta cufundata in subtratul de pe fundul apei.


  • While this burrowing nymph isn’t readily available as a food source, wiggle-type imitations often take fish year round.


Size: 18 to 30mm
Hatch Dates: See Regional Hatch Charts(coming soon!)
Water Temperature:
Time of Day: All Day
Habitat: Slow to Medium Current

  • Guttulata nymphs are powerful swimmers. They make it to the surface extremely quickly where almost no time passes before the dun bursts from the nymphal shuck. Usually while collecting for this species, you will only see duns and empty shucks flaoting by- rarely have I found those vulnerable duns who were still in the process of escaping their nymphal shuck.


  • Recently emergent duns are usually more concentrated near the bank, so the wise angler should pay close attention for bank feeders.


Size: 18 to 30mm
Time of Day: All Day

  • Guttulata duns float for sometimes obscene lengths of time while drying their wings
  • Often during this time, they’ll make clumsy attempts at flight. For this reason, knock-down duns can sometimes be quite effective.


  • Often, both duns and spinners will be on the water at the same time


Size: 18mm to 30mm
Air Temperature:
Time of Day:

  • Spinnerfalls are more concentrated towards and after dusk, however rogue spinners are sometimes on the water in the middle of the day.

ephemera guttulata 1

ephemera guttulata 2

ephemera guttulata 3

ephemera guttulata 4



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Highlight: shows a list of Pennsylvania streams with known guttulata activity on page 194.
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